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Silica Hydrogel
Bangkai Beer Stabilizer- Silica Hydrogel

Bangkai Beer Stabilizer- Silica Hydrogel is a synthetic amorphous silica appearing as white free flowing powder, which is non-dusting and has a moisture content of approximately 65%. It is specially tailored to the complicated colloid-chemical relationships in beer, and removes irreversibly only haze forming proteins which eliminates that fraction from the Protein/Tannoid Complex, the major cause of non-biological post-filtration turbidity. The protein groups responsible for head formation and head retention are not removed.

It combines good stability performance with excellent filtration, and has a high permeability factor that allows for faster filtration rates and longer filter runs. It can be used both for flow contact stabilization and for tank stabilization, and has no adverse effect on foam,taste and color of matured beers, extract content, alcohol content, degree of fermentation, pH value and bitterns.

Product Features

Food-grade product

Extends non-biological beer stability by removal of haze-forming proteins

Does not affect beer foam active components

Insoluble in beer

Accepted by all brewing traditions

Non-hazardous and environmentally friendly


Drop-in solution without extra investment or process modification 

Reduce DE usage

Reduce water usage and solid waste 

Reduce filtration and stabilization costs

Dose Rate

Beer up to 65% malt  40-50 g/hL

Beer more than 65% malt  50-70 g/hL

Contact time: 20 minutes

Permeability: 0.15 D’Arcy

The dosing must be adapted to the individual character of the beer and calculated through trials. The figures above may serve as guide values. Application rates should be determined by brewery scale trials.

Preparation of Stabilizers

The amorphous powder should be mixed with deoxygenated water at a 10% w/w ratio. The use of a CO2 sparger in the slurry water will help to deoxygenate the water. Agitate slurry for at least 20 minutes prior to addition. Filtration temperature should be maximum 32° F.

* Bangkai can perform colloidal stability analysis & make dosage recommendations.

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