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Silica gel type C
This product is mainly used for drying industrial gases such as air, oxygen, hydrogen and organic gases, drug purification and separation of industrial fermentation process of macromolecular protein adsorption, catalyst carrier, is also used as cat litter.


SpecificationsType AType BType CDecolorizing sand
Pore size               Å20-3050-8080-100Negotiate
Pore volume           ml/g0.35-0.450.6-0.80.8-1.0Negotiate
Surface area           ㎡/g≥600450-600320-400Negotiate
150℃ Loss on Heating  %≤3 or 555Negotiate


TypeParticle sizeShapePacking
Type A1-3mm, 2-4mm, 2-5mm,<0.5mmBead or irregular20kg/bag, 800kg/container bag
Type B2-4mm, <0.5mmBead or irregular20kg/bag,
Type C1-4mm, 1-8mm, <0.5mmBead or irregular20kg/bag, 500kg/container bag
Decolorizing sand0.5-1.5mm, <0.5mm irregular20kg/bag

Storage and transportation

Keep under normal temperature and airtight condition, avoid rain, damp and sun exposure. Please seal the package again after opening.

The product has strong hygroscopicity and should be stored in a dry place. There should be a shelf between the package and the ground.

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