Technical Support and Services

    Bangkai High-tech Chemical Zone has a total of three layers of nearly 1,500 square meters of separation and purification(S&P) laboratories, provide industrial-scale S&P equipment with our professional research team who has testing ability.

    We establish scientific research cooperation with enterprises, research institutes and universities, jointly improve the separation and purification process, and establish new processes including equipment, packing and consumables.

    We also have data support and online platform sharing. We will share platform data with customers and scientific research direction.

    We can provide you with a complete solution of R & D - Pilot - production - QC.


Customized Service

Bangkai Hi-tech has a team of international experts who can provide customers with professional services in the industrial purification process. With rich technology reserves and advanced equipment, Bangkai can provide customers with complete solutions for R&D, pilot-production, and quality control. By introducing American technology and cooperation with domestic universities, Bangkai can provide customers with industrial purification process development services, which can effectively save time and capital costs.

After-sales services

We are fully aware that after-sales service is the most important competitiveness of our company. We do our best to provide our customers with the better experience and services.

Service tenet

 24-hour telephone service

 Fast responce within 48 hours

 Professional service team

Strict after-sales service system