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New Year, New Journey

New Year, New Journey

At the beginning of the Chinese new year, the production site of Qingdao Bangkai High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. has begun to resume work and production in an orderly manner. All lines are in full production to make every effort to achieve a good start in the first quarter of 2023. 

In 2022, Qingdao Bangkai High-tech Materials Co., Ltd. has achieved good business results with new record sales volume. Construction of the new production base of 26,000 square meters has been completed with upgraded equipment. " the 100,000-level purification workshop is officially completed. The annual output will exceed 10,000 tons. After it is put into production, it is expected that the annual revenue will exceed 100 million yuan." Zhang Yuanxin, deputy general manager of the company, told reporters happily.

In the field of industrial purification, Bangkai's "R&D and Industrialization of Silica-based Chromatographic Resin for high-end optoelectronic display" project was recognized as a key technology research project in Qingdao last year, . This year Bangkai will continue to work on the “bottleneck”"technology to extensively link the upstream and downstream enterprises in domestic optoelectronic display industry. Bangkai will start supplying silica-based Chromatographic Resin for companies producing high-end optoelectronic display, and promoting the quality leap of such products from being "domestic substitution" to "internationally leading", and striving to set up industry standard and develop comprehensive product categories.

In the field of pharmaceutical solutions, the silica-based pharmaceutical excipient produced by Qingdao Bangkai has obtained the Class I certification by the end of 2022,. Meanwhile cooperated development of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs with several pharmaceutical and biomedical enterprises are progressing steadily. With the advantages of new production capacity, Bangkai will continue to extend its products and services extensively in the field of pharmaceutical solutions.

In the field of food industry, with support of the chief scientist of the company, Mr. Wang Jialin, a professor of the Ocean College of Qingdao University of Science and Technology and the dean of the Life Science and Biomass Research Institute, Bangkail has carried out in-depth cooperation with Qingdao University of Science and Technology to  research and innovate silica gel beer stabilizer, aiming to set up national and industry standards and help brewery industry go greener and to reduce solid waste and water usage.

In 2022, Bangkai has made new breakthroughs in overseas trade, and has participated in the China International Import Expo, Qingdao Small and Medium-sized Enterprises International Procurement Fair, etc., and many online international trade exhibitions and industry exhibitions. 

With the ease of covid-19 prevention and control situation, Bangkai will go abroad more this year to participate in overseas events such as the 2023 World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Exhibition in the United States and the International Display Week (SID) in the United States, seeking broader resources, information and business channels and cooperation opportunities.

With new starting point and new mission, Qingdao Bangkai will continue to lead in the field of industrial purification, and continue to develop silica-based materials for pharmaceutical solutions and food industry, and meanwhile explore applications of silica gel in other industries..